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Brake Services are Especially Important in Cold Weather

Winter related driving conditions can really impact your brakes

AAMCO Overland Park, KS  | 01/21/2016
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Brake Services are Especially Important in Cold Weather 
Winter brings with it festivities and excitement, but also shopping and errand running. Chances are, the last thing on your mind this time of year is maintenance and repair for your vehicle. 

If you are having brake issues and seeing warning signs that may indicate that your vehicle requires some brake repair, don’t put yourself at risk by ignoring it. Cold weather and related driving conditions can really impact your brakes.
Cold weather and Your Brakes: 
Although necessary for winter driving, road salt can be harmful to your vehicle’s braking system and often builds up on your brakes and may lead to them wearing unevenly, which may cause them to wear out quicker. Regularly scheduled maintenance for your brakes is important to keep you safe all year long, but especially recommended to help prepare your car for winter conditions.
Snow and ice also impact optimal brake system performance. When snow and ice begin to melt, it can add extra moisture to brakes or your brake fluid. Extra moisture in your brake system can lead to a dragging sensation you might feel when braking. Moisture in your brake fluid can also affect the amount of time it takes to stop your vehicle. 
At AAMCO Overland Park, we know that your brakes are a very important safety feature in your vehicle. Call us today for the brake system maintenance you need to help keep your vehicle stopping safely all year long. 

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